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Forbes: "Fairy tales of the northern seas"

Norway is a major oil and gas producer. Norwegian gas is often considered as alternative to Russian gas: East European governments frequently use it to diversify sources of gas supply. One example is the famous Independence Floating Storage and Regasification Unit for gas supplies to Lithuania. These high-profile geopolitical processes leave unnoticed a vigorous activity of Norwegian government for domestic LNG market development.

Costs modeling support point in a changing world_eng

Development of cost models or oil and gas construction allows estimating costs with consideration of modeling object technical characteristics and changes in the environment.
The paper describes principles, methods and key elements of cost models actively implementing for capital costs evaluation in Russian oil& gas companies.
In the article there are examples of databases used by companies for cost estimation: “smeta” estimate norms, corporate cost data bases on real projects, external data bases.
Authors analyse rules for choosing of the proper analogue, taking into account that the main question is choosing analogue with required characteristics as well as proper implementation of the cost data for the new object.

Technique of paleochannels identification within Tyumen suite using Spectral Decomposition method

"Nowadays, attention is being increasingly focused on the Tyumen pay zones of the West Siberian Petroleum Province, which contain difficult-to-recover oil reserves. Laterally and vertically
discontinuous and thin sand reservoirs with lower reservoir quality are typical of this sedimentary complex of continental genesis.
However sometimes, well data show significant growth of reservoir thickness (exceeding 10 m) and increasing values of such parameters as porosity and permeability.
Basing on sedimentological description of core it is proved that such wells penetrate channel deposits.
This fact determines the subsequent work objective for multi-disciplinary teams (geophysicists, geologists, petrophysicists, reservoir engineers)......."
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